Q.U.E.E.N.S. Mentoring

Q.U.E.E.N.S. Mentoring


The Mission of the Queens Mentoring Program is to foster the advancement of young girls to make positive life choices and to maximize their authentic potential.


Queens Mentoring Program is committed to creating change and building good morals and values for young girls. We envision a community in which every young girl is empowered to make informed decisions, establish healthy relationships and be self-sufficient. Through mentorship, we nurture her goals, aspirations, and ambitions. We encourage her to flourish into her full potential.

Meet our Founder:

Deanna BookertDeAnna Bookert, a native of Columbia, South Carolina and is the proud mother of two children. After a gratifying 10-year career in corporate America, DeAnna decided to leave it all behind to avail herself completely to meeting the needs of her family and community. Although a fatherless daughter with a rocky start in life DeAnna takes pride in saying she beat the odds. DeAnna went on to earn a Master’s degree in Marketing from Colorado Technical University and is currently working on her PhD in Organizational Leadership.

DeAnna is the owner and operator of The Bookert Agency in Columbia, South Carolina. The agency’s goal is to provide public relations, personal and business development services that will empower and equip the growing population of nonprofits, entrepreneurs, authors and public figures. It is DeAnna’s vision that through her work with The Bookert Agency and her Queens mentoring program she will continue to help adults and youth recognize, develop and use their gifts and talents to create a better world for future generations to come.


  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Worth
  • Self-Improvement

QUEENS Mentoring Program FAQ’s:

Q: When and where will the mentoring group meeting?
A: We will meet weekly at an assigned location.

Q: What should the girls expect when attending group sessions?
A: The girls in the group will have the opportunity to have one on one mentoring in a small group setting. We will discuss different topics around leadership, self-worth and self-improvement.

Q: Is there a cost to be in the program?
A: There is a registration fee of $300 per person to participate in the 6 week program. The group will meet once a week, every girl will receive a journal and upon completion of the program a custom shirt (with her name on the back) and pearls.

Q: Are parents allowed to attend sessions?
A: Yes, we encourage parental involvement.

Our Motto:

Q.U.E.E.N.S are:

Pearls and crowns are our signature reminders of how special we are!!

Students attending a mentoring session with DeAnna

Our Program

WEEK 1 & 2 – Self-Motivation and Self-Worth

Understanding self-motivation and individual “why” can be a very powerful and rewarding thing. In this session participants will be able to identify what motivates them and why knowing their “why” and purpose can be rewarding and motivating. With this awareness, it will help participants to build better self-worth and learn to develop healthier relationships.

In this session participants will be able to:
Define their individual motivations and begin the work of identifying their purpose
Connect how our individual motivations and processes are different and unique
Analyze what motivates and encourages them to do and want more
Learn how make a choice to motivate themselves daily and begin the work of identifying their why and purpose.

WEEK 3 & 4 – Goal Setting and Critical Thinking

Some people are more highly productive, then others? Some people have plans for the future and have a step by step outline of goals. This session is to help provide guidance and tools for planning and setting goals. Goals are not effective without an action and execution plan. Participants will learn to apply a decision-making process to identify the problem, provide a solution and evaluate the effectiveness.

In this session participants will be able to:
Define how setting SMART goals can help better manage time and plan for their future
Connect the importance of planning and preparing for their future
Analyze the difference between free time and borrowed time and how procrastinating can also lead to unnecessary setbacks
Learn how to make difficult decisions with more confidence and gain greater understanding of planning and setting goals

WEEK 5 – Handling Conflict Resolution & Accountability

This session will focus on those interpersonal skills that are essential in establishing and maintaining mutual satisfying, rewarding and healthy relationships. This session will identify several effective approaches to both resolving conflict and how effective communication has an impact in developing healthy relationships. Participants will discuss the importance of effective verbal, nonverbal communication and ways to resolve conflict.

In this session participants will be able to:
Define understanding of both the positives and negatives of conflict and how communication has an impact
Connect understanding of both the causes and effects of emotions in conflicted situations
Analyze the importance resolving conflict
Learn how to identify sources of the conflict and how it impacts your relationships

WEEK 6 – Mindset Change, Responsibilities & Completion Ceremony

In this session, participants will have roundtable discussion of a full overview from the program. The group will discuss what they have learn and will take responsibility to try and apply to their lives. Participants will discuss the importance of staying focused, doing what is required and setting tangible goals for their future. Participants will have open dialogue on how they will begin to change their mindset.

Community Service and Partners

Community Partners

  • Columbia Housing Authority
  • Columbia Police Department
  • Richland County Sheriff’s Department
  • Community Relations Council
  • South Carolina Juvenile Justice
  • Richland & Lexington School Districts
  • National Alliance of Mental Illness – Mid-Carolina
  • 100 Black Men of Greater Columbia
  • Local Barbers and Hair Stylist
  • Local Small Business Owners

Faith-Based Community

  • Pastor Dr. Yasha Becton – Revealing Word Ministries
  • Pastor Greg Cannon – Second Chance Ministries
  • Pastor Jamie Spain – In His Hands Church of Worship
  • Pastor Kylie McBride – An Invitation to Prayer Outreach Ministries
  • Pastor Jeanette Simmons – Agape Global Works
  • Evangelist Jesse Jackson – Prayer Walkers of Faith
  • Pastor Dr. Isaac Vaughn – Impact Life Worship Center
  • Pasto r Shannon McRae – Life Transformation Ministries

Students Reflection Folder
During the first session students will be given a reflection folder. They will be encouraged to journal at the start of each session. They will also be asked to reflect on what their expectations are over the next 6 weeks and write them in the folder. At the conclusion of the program the participants will be given their folder and asked to write down what they’ve learned and was their expectations met. Then, participants will be asked to consider how they would apply the concepts they’ve learned and skills in a practical setting (school, home their community).

Outcome of the Program

The QUEENS Mentoring Program is designed to generate future leaders with character and abilities essential to: positively influencing their families, impacting their future, and community. The program will implement the use of innovative and collaborative sessions to enhance self-esteem, develop future leaders, entrepreneurs and promote college readiness. The ultimate goal is to assist today’s youth in becoming productive and wholesome citizens and future leaders.

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