The Bookert Agency  provides public relations, brand strategy and media planning consultation services.

“Recognize, Develop and Learn to use your gifts”:Public Relations, Event Planning, Operations Management and Personal Development Services. Our goal is to help our clients recognize, develop and apply purpose in your personal life, business and ministry.


Deanna Bookert

DeAnna Bookert helps small businesses, non-profit organizations, authors and public speakers bring awareness to their events, programs and brand. DeAnna’s ‘real talk’, tough love approach captivates her audience and motivate them to do more. She has been invited as a guest speaker for faith-based organizations, non-profits, colleges, universities, women’s groups and small businesses.

Deanna’s speaking services include workshops, career-day events for students, webinars, etc. on the following topics.

The Leader Within

This keynote is focus on helping others throw away the negative opinions about themselves and their abilities and tap into the leader within. Everyone can be a leader, they just have to tap into those abilities.

Leadership Skill

Any one can give directions but not everyone can be a good leader. If you’re an employee or an entrepreneur, everyone needs to fine tune their leadership skills. Learn the bases and discover the strategies to become a good leader.

Path to Purpose

Life has a way of knocking us off course. We often have to be reminded of why we do what we do. This session will help people get back on the “Path to Purpose

I know who I AM

If someone asked you at a moments notice who you are, what would you say? Does your answer include all your degrees and accomplishments? Do you even have an answer? This session will not only help you discover the answer, but teach you how to deliver it.

Overcoming Obstacles

There are two choices in life, we can either fight or quit. What happens when you’re not sure which battles to fight or how to get the victory over your situation? This session is all about finding the strength to overcome obstacles.